Mandala Theatre Company – Creative Challenge 3 Writing a play Led by Yasmin Sidhwa with Anusha Abbas Using an amazing image from ‘The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature’ Edited by Russ Kick, image by Eran Fowler, as a starting point you will create your own mini play.

Step 1: Character Creation Look at the picture of the boy. Write down or say all the things you notice about the picture. Anusha will demonstrate with a different picture so that you can see what we are asking you to do. a) Describe what he looks like. b) What is he doing? c) Where is he? d) Give the boy a name e) Imagine he has been discovered by someone. Who are they? Give this person a name. (It could be an animal that can speak or a fantastical creature or another human being).

Step 2 – Create a mini -play Decide what the two characters say and do. Write this down or ask someone in your house to pretend they are the other person who finds you. (You play the boy in the picture and act out what happens in words and actions. (Anusha and I will demonstrate using a different picture) a) To write it down use the Script Template as a way of creating a play script b) Write down the stage directions in italics c) Write the character’s name followed by: and then write what each character says

Step 3 – Take a photo of your play script and send it to us or record you and a family member acting it out. Script Template Create 4 lines for each character – by the last line a dramatic action happens – what is it? A small boy squats down by the river Boy: Write what the boy says here   Eg. A cloaked figure approaches the boy Stranger: Write what the stranger says here   Boy: Stranger:   Boy:   Stranger:   The boy stands up Boy:   Eg. The Stranger pulls out a net from under his cloak and throws it over the boy Stranger:     END

Have fun!

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