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Journey with Natty Mark, is a series of short videos exploring black history; facilitated by Oxfordshire Virtual School to encourage conversation and develop curiosity within the home. These short videos were filmed by Beatrice Brown, director of Blue Grid Art and edited @Populate. Natty founded African School in 2009 to introduce African Studies to the general public. African studies involves The Caribbean, African America as well as Africa. The African School Mobile Library began in May 2020 during COVID 19. African School


Episode 1: Gold 2 Spices

Episode 2: Jamaica to Japan

Episode 3: Black Cenotaph

Episode 4: Ashanti

Episode 5: The Canvass & the Paintbrush

Episode 6: Andrew Watson and After

Episode 7: Bigging up Mae Jemison

Episode 8: Honouring My Mother

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