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Oxfordshire Children in Care Council co-designed a series of artworks inspired by the following words:

Hope, Fairness, Empowering, Strength, Belief in Change and Communication

The Oxfordshire Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of children and young people who are care experienced. CiCC use their voice and experience  to help to improve how children are cared for in Oxfordshire. CiCC Chairs, Deputies and Ambassadors drive forward the agenda and feedback their ideas to County Council. Held and supported by the participation team Autumn and James, over lockdowns they have held many meetings, forging ahead to open up opportunities for children and young people to lead and thrive, whilst advising the Oxfordshire Guardians that are senior social care, education and county councillors.

These prints were designed by Oxfordshire Children in Care Council who worked alongside a local designer Darren Gillick and the prints were printed by Bounce Oxford. Quotes are taken from CiCC meetings and directly from children we care for in Oxfordshire.


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