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OKW is excited to announce that over the course of three days in August, based at Brasenose College will be our African Studies Summer School, Heritage. Natty Mark Samuel will be taking a group of young leaders on a journey through Sub-Saharan Pottery, African Art influence on European Art and Ballad in Colour.

This Summer School is funded by University of Oxford Community Grants, with support from Brasenose College.

Building a platform to promote Black History and create dialogue within homes has been developing the past year. Over the course of the year a group of individuals formed a cross partnership, creating conversation and developing curiosity within the home. Facilitated by Oxfordshire Virtual School Looking After Learning, steered and led by Natty Mark Samuel, founder of Mobile African School; alongside a number of scholars, youth workers, artists, educators and students who brought conversations, performances to celebrate the lives of key established individuals, Bob Marley, Una Marson, Wangari Maathai and Aaron Douglas. The first conversation was virtually launched at Modern Art Oxford, offering podcasting style conversations.

 Studies Summer School Heritage

2-4th August 2021 10-12pm for 16-21 year olds.

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